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Center for Hierarchical Materials Design (CHiMaD) is a NIST-sponsored center of excellence for advanced materials research focusing on developing the next generation of computational tools, databases and experimental techniques in order to enable the accelerated design of novel materials and their integration to industry, one of the primary goals of the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI).

MGI Reports - What's New Sticky

new report (Economic Analysis of National Needs for Technology Infrastructure to Support the Materials Genome Initiative, published on June 21, 2018), and brief summary version details analysis by the research institute RTI International .  The report demonstrates that investing in research infrastructure for developing advanced materials could generate between \$123 and \$270 billion per year in benefits for U.S. companies and consumers.

Welcome to Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) at NIST Sticky

NIST is building critical elements of the materials innovation infrastructure to realize the goals of the Materials Genome Initiative. Our mission is to accelerate materials innovation with a material genome approach in order to decrease the cost and time-to-market by 50%. This site provides the gateway to access all the information on Materials Genome Initiative.




TMS Webinar Series on Materials Data Curation

Interested in the best approaches to Materials Data Curation?  Check out the TMS Data Curation Webinar Series

The Materials Science and Engineering Data Challenge-Awardees Announced

Awardees announced!  Got to the following link

People have successfully applied advanced analysis techniques to ‘big data’ and have solved significant challenges in several areas of society including business, biology, and astronomy.  Using these techniques has provided people with new and valuable information from the data that was not readily available by other means.  However, materials science and engineering data has not yet been exploited to its full potential because of its complexity.  This complexity also stands to provide rich insights if the mysteries the data hold can be unraveled.

Head Health Challenge III

Head Health Challenge III!  On January 29th National Institute of Standards and Technology had the privilege of announcing a new public-private partnership with the National Football League (NFL), GE, and Under Armour, to launch an open innovation prize in search of advanced materials with enhanced energy absorption or dissipation properties.   It is hoped that such new materials will improve the performance of protective equipment not only for athletes, but also military personnel, first responders and others who face brain and bodily injury from impact events.  More information can be found at the following link.

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