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The Materials Science and Engineering Data Challenge-Awardees Announced

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Awardees announced!  Got to the following link

People have successfully applied advanced analysis techniques to ‘big data’ and have solved significant challenges in several areas of society including business, biology, and astronomy.  Using these techniques has provided people with new and valuable information from the data that was not readily available by other means.  However, materials science and engineering data has not yet been exploited to its full potential because of its complexity.  This complexity also stands to provide rich insights if the mysteries the data hold can be unraveled.

To advance the National goals of the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI), we are soliciting innovative approaches to solve materials science and engineering problems primarily through the analysis of publicly accessible digital data. Areas of particular interest include discovery of new materials to meet an application need, or development of a new model describing processing-structure-property relationships in either a structural (load bearing), functional (electrical, optical or magnetic), or multifunctional material.


For more details on the challenge go to the following link 

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For a nice list of resources, the MGI Accelerator Network as pulled together a collection at their website.