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Advanced Composites for the Materials Genome Initiative
ASM Structural Materials Data Demonstration Project Carelyn Campbell
Assessment of Uncertainty in CALPHAD Descriptions
  1. Ursula Kattner
  2. Hari Iyer
  3. Andrew Dienstfrey
Hari Iyer
Atomistic Potentials and the Future of Nanomaterials Metrology
  1. Chandler A. Becker
  2. Lucas Hale
  3. Yuri Mishin
  4. Francesca Tavazza
  5. Zachary Trautt
Automation for Atomistic Simulation Zachary T. Trautt
CALPHAD Data Informatics
CHiMaD Phase Field Community
  1. Daniel Wheeler
  2. James Warren
  3. Jonathan Guyer
  4. Trevor Keller
Daniel Wheeler
Cloud of Reproducible Records
  1. Faical Yannick Palingwende Congo
Faical Yannick Palingwende Congo
Computational Design of Photopolymerized Materials
Concurrent Experiments and Simulations of Zinc Oxide Nanowires Zachary T. Trautt
Data and Computational Tools for Advanced Materials Design: Structural Materials Applications - Cobalt Based Superalloys
Data Models for Expression of Uncertainty in Materials Data
  1. Will Guthrie
  2. Thomas Lafarge
  3. Hung-kung Liu
  4. Andrew Rukhin
  5. Blaza Toman
Will Guthrie
Density Functional Theory (DFT) Informatics and Repositories
DFT Benchmarking
  1. Francesca Tavazza
  2. Thomas Allison
Francesca Tavazza
Directed Self Assembly of Block Copolymers for Nanopatterning
  1. Adam Hannon
  2. Christopher Liman
  3. Daniel Sunday
  4. R. Joseph Kline
  5. Jiaxing Ren
  6. Fanny Simoes
  7. Daman Khaira
  8. Abelardo Ramirez-Hernadez
  9. Juan de Pablo
  10. Paul Nealey
R. Joseph Kline
Facilitating the Development of Modular Data Models in Materials Science
  1. Sara Barron
  2. Chandler A. Becker
  3. Carelyn Campbell
  4. Yannick Congo
  5. Alden Dima
  6. Lucas Hale
  7. Kenneth Kroenlein
  8. Sheng Yen Li
  9. Chris Muzny
  10. Raymond Plante
  11. John Henry Scott
  12. Guillaume Sousa Amaral
  13. Francesca Tavazza
  14. Zachary Trautt
  15. Boris Wilthan
Zachary Trautt
FiPy Jonathan Guyer
Fundamentals of Macromolecular Self Assembly: particles, gels, and polyelectrolyte complex coacervates
  1. Vivek M. Prabhu
Vivek M. Prabhu
Genomics of Electronic Materials
  1. James C. Booth
  2. Nathan D. Orloff
  3. Pavel Kabos
  4. T. Mitch Wallis
  5. Kevin Coakley
James Booth
High-Precision Structural Measurements
  1. Alina Bruma
  2. Maksim Eremenko
  3. Andy Herzing
  4. Victor Krayzman
  5. Igor Levin
Igor Levin
High-Throughput (Combinatorial) "Foundry" for Inorganic Materials: "Data on Demand" Jason Hattrick-Simpers
High-Throughput Experimental Materials Collaboratory
  1. Martin L. Green (NIST)
  2. Jason Hattrick-Simpers (NIST)
  3. A. Gilad Kusne (NIST)
  4. John Perkins (NREL)
  5. Caleb Phillips (NREL)
  6. Zachary Trautt (NIST)
  7. Robert White (NREL)
  8. Andriy Zakutayev (NREL)
Martin L. Green
Integrated Data Management for Materials Discovery
  1. Boris Wilthan
  2. Erik Pfeif
  3. Vladimir Diky
  4. Kenneth Kroenlein
Kenneth Kroenlein
Integrated Nanoscale Experimentation, Prediction, and Validation
  1. Chandler A. Becker
  2. Robert Cook
  3. Eric Cockayne
  4. Lawrence Friedman
  5. Yvonne Gerbig
  6. Gilad Kusne
  7. Igor Levin
  8. William Osborn
  9. Zachary Trautt
  10. Mark Vaudin
Zachary T. Trautt
Investigating the Diameter-Dependence of Elastic Moduli of Zinc Oxide Nanowires using Molecular Dynamics Simulations Zachary T. Trautt
  1. Francesca Tavazza
  1. F. Tavazza
  2. C. Becker
Machine Learning for High Throughput Materials Discovery and Optimization Applications
Machine Learning for Materials Research: Bootcamps and Workshops Daniel Samarov
Materials Data Curation System
  1. Mary Brady
  2. Adrien Catel
  3. Philippe Dessauw
  4. Alden Dima
  5. Benjamin Long
  6. Pierre Francois Rigodiat
  7. Richard Rivello
  8. Xavier Schmitt
  9. Guillaume Sousa Amaral
  10. Sharief Youssef
Alden Dima
Materials Data Repository
  1. Carelyn Campbell
  2. Casey Hume
  3. James Warren
  4. Andrew Reid
Materials Design Toolkit
  1. Shengyen Li
  2. Ursula Kattner
  3. Carelyn Campbell
  4. Steven Mates
  5. Mark Stoudt
Shengyen Li
Materials Resource Registry
  1. Sharief Youssef
  2. Alden Dima
  3. Mary Brady
  4. Raymond Plante
  5. Chandler Becker
  6. Zachary Trautt
  7. Kimberly Tryka
  8. James Warren
MGI Code Catalog
  1. Andrea Medina-Smith
  2. Kimberly A. Tryka
  3. James Warren
  4. Chandler Becker
Andrea Medina-Smith
Modeling Dispersion Rheology for Non-Spherical Particles
Modeling Photon Absorption in Composite Resin Systems
Multiparametric Analysis of Network Growth Process via Combined Experimental and Computational Approaches
Multiscale MD-FEM Methodology
  1. Francesca Tavazza
  2. Chandler Becker
  3. Lyle E. Levine
Francesca Tavazza
NIST Center for Automotive Lightweighting (NCAL)
  1. Tim Foecke
  2. Adam Creuziger
  3. Mark Iadicola
  4. Dilip Banerjee
Tim Foecke
NIST Materials-focused Empirical Potentials Repositories and Efforts James A. Warren
NIST/MML Center for Theoretical and Computational Materials Science
  1. James Warren
  2. Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid, Computer Operations Manager
Object Oriented Finite Elements (OOF)
  1. Stephen Langer
  2. Andrew Reid
Andrew Reid
  1. Ursula Kattner
Ursula Kattner
Searching the ICSD for new functional materials from first principles
  1. Kevin Garrity
Kevin Garrity
Semi-Automatic Curation
  1. Alden Dima
  2. Xavier Schmitt
Alden Dima
Statistical methods for MGI metrology Kevin Coakley
Statistical modeling of images of electronic materials Kevin Coakley
Stochastic Network Growth Simulation for Photopolymerization
Strategy for extensible, evolving terminology for MGI efforts
  1. Laura Bartolo
  2. Ursula R Kattner
  3. Carelyn Campbell
  4. John Elliott
  5. Subrahmanian Eswaran
Talapady N Bhat
Structural and kinetic data for validation of organic photovoltaic thin film design and processing tools
  1. Dean DeLongchamp
  2. Chad Snyder
  3. Lee Richter
  4. Ryan Nieuwendaal
Lee Richter
Structure-Property Links in Deformation of Materials
Transport Properties of Complex Particles and Polymers
  1. Jack Douglas
  2. Luis Fernando Vargas
  3. Ahmed Hassan
Jack F. Douglas, NIST Fellow
Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Materials Science
  1. Paul Patrone
  2. Jeffrey T. Fong
Andrew Dienstfrey
Validation of Classical Atomistic Simulations of Nanoscale Material Phenomena
  1. Chandler A. Becker
  2. Lucas Hale
  3. Yuri Mishin
  4. Francesca Tavazza
  5. Zachary Trautt
Zachary T. Trautt
Validation of Density Functional Theory for Materials
  1. Tom Allison
  2. Eric Cockayne
  3. Karl Irikura
  4. Russ Johnson
  5. Vince Shen
  6. Dan Siderius
  7. Mark Stiles
  8. Francesca Tavazza
  9. Richard Taylor
  10. Bill Wallace
WebFF: Force-field repository for organic and soft materials
µMAG: Micromagnetic Modeling Activity Group Don Porter